Fastag Bill

Recharge your FASTags easily and quickly through XPay Life. Zoom through the toll plazas without waiting in the long vehicular queues. Make Life Simpler by recharging through the XPay Life website or mobile application. You can also make Prepaid Mobile Recharge through this platform.

What Is FASTag?
FASTag is an easy, immediate mode of payment at the toll plazas in the form of reusable tags that can be recharged. It is pasted on the windshield of the vehicles and the toll amount will be automatically deducted using the Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID).

It is a Government of India initiative through the National Electronic Toll Collection to clear the vehicular queues in the toll plaza all over India. Hence it has mandatedthat the payment be digital or through electronic modes. Worry not, we have got you covered for this. Keep traveling, keep zooming and Make Life Simpler by selecting the bank from which the FASTag is brought and fill in the registered vehicle number to make a payment through XPay Life.

Also, make DTH Recharge online along with payment of all multi-utility payments online.

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The payment through XPay.Life is BBPS/NPCI assured and hence adds the trust and credibility to your payment. The payment service follows the highest standard of security through the AMBIC model. The acronym stands for Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud. Hence payment through the XPay.Life is highly secure and credible.

Also, the payment is not confined only to the online modes, our ATP kiosk, PoS machine, and Mobile Vans facilitate bill payment by accepting cash as a bill payment mode and makes the transaction digital.

Key Benefits
Cash Acceptor through ATP Kiosk QR & POS device based Payment
Smart Dynamic Routing Blockchain Technology
No Convenience Fee Invoice Payments
Live Monitoring Smart Analytics
Retry Option 24*7 Support

There are a few easy to follow steps to pay the fastag Bill Payment.


As soon as you click on the Pay now button, you will get an update of your payment via notification or alerts on registered email id and mobile number. In case of any query, reach out to our support team on

How to Pay

XPay.Life is expanding the bill payment sector by facilitating Full-spectrum bill payment through the Mobile App, Web, ATP(Any-Time-Payment) Kiosk, PoS machines, and Mobile Van.The name of XPay.Life denotes the importance it provides for secure transactions and to make life simpler through its innovations. The X in box design represents Blockchain and stands for our Brand Parent Company XIPHIAS.

XPay.Life facilitates bill payment for the categories of Electricity, Water, Gas(Piped and LPG), Telecom(Landline, Mobile and Broadband), DTH, Insurance, Loan repayment through EMI, FASTag, School Fees, Mobile Prepaid, cable TV.In short, it facilitates all recurring payment categories.

Our USP is Utility Bill Payment through ATP Kiosk where we accept cash payment along with credit/debit cards. The online digital payment channels include payment through UPI, Debit and Credit Card, Net Banking, Mobile banking.

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