XPay Life Android App
XPay Life

Android App

An app for the masses, the Android app of XPay Life ensures security and native user friendliness that is second to none!

XPay Life iOS App
XPay Life

iOS App

For your apple devices, the iOS app adds that luscious design element while keeping in mind the highest level of security.

XPay Life POS
XPay Life

Point of Sale Machine

Simplicity. Your Store Front digitised. Pay with whatever! But create a niche experience for your customer!

XPay Life ATP Kiosk
XPay Life

Any Time Payment Kiosk

The most innovative payment device ever! With a cash validator, and receipt printer amongst others, be sure of safety and convenience at all times!

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XPay Life

Mobile Van

Bank on wheels provides transactions at your doorstep, convenient, green and efficient, the mobile van is your friend for all financial needs!

We ensure that a complete universe of financial products is made available to our franchisees and thereby enable them to become financial supermarkets.
Download the XPay Life app to make your life simpler