TSP System

XPay Life provides customised design and features to differently sized enterprises. Give your customers and users a seamless experience when they transact on your website.

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XPay Life is a TSP (Technical Service Provider) for businesses – large and small – to facilitate their financial transactions and management. Being based on robust BBPS/NPCI platform, it provides merchants and organizations a secure and seamless transaction experience. Whether you have customers in cities or villages we have a solution for all your needs. Virtual payment infrastructure like mobile app and website will come handy for digitally literate consumers; while those based in rural areas can take advantage of our mobile banking vans, POS machines and ATP (Any Time Payment) Kiosk. If you need some special features on the POS device or the kiosk, our tech team is there to solve the issue.

We ensure that a complete universe of financial products is made available to our franchisees & thereby enable them to become financial supermarkets.
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