Domestic Money Transfer

XPay Life Merchant app allows distributors and retailers to transfer funds from any account to any other account. With a simple tap, customers can transfer money to any bank account anywhere in India, while retail partners can generate high income and margin commission on each transaction. Start Money Transfer Business with No Investment. All you need is a mobile or a computer and a shop or retail establishment of any size to have an instant money transfer agent platform.

Customers can send money through the DMR (Domestic Money Remittance) agent using National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) and other banking facilities. In case there are problems, you can easily get them resolved with 24/7 support on call.

This enables customers to easily avail of these facilities at their nearest shop or retail establishment while every transaction gets you high commissions. To make it easy to use, the money transfer app is available in Hindi and other local languages

We ensure that a complete universe of financial products is made available to our franchisees & thereby enable them to become financial supermarkets.
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