Mobile Van For Utility Bill Payments

Transactions at your doorstep, convenient , green and efficient, the mobile van is your friend for all financial needs!

Mobile Van

XPay Life fabricates and operates Mobile Banking Van with the aim of last mile bill collection. No PSP other than us do it and we are proud of it. Vans don’t come cheap and we understand you want it to be theft-proof. You can track it every step of the road with the IP geo-location tracking embedded inside. The van goes village-to-village helping people to pay bills and do recharges with either cash or bank accounts. They can even submit and withdraw cash, and get to know of several Government Schemes. So, how is it possible on a van? The answer is through a Touch Screen Kiosk and a mini ATM stationed inside. So in a way, it’s a Kiosk/ATM on wheels! Doing online bill payment is not exclusive domain of the city dwellers. At least not anymore! With XPay Life, even villagers are empowered to pay utility bills – like electricity, gas, water, mobile, broadband, landline and DTH - from the comfort of their home.

We ensure that a complete universe of financial products is made available to our franchisees & thereby enable them to become financial supermarkets.
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