Payments infrastructure for the masses

Micro ATM

Micro ATM is a boon for people in rural areas who neither have the means (mobile, laptop, internet) nor the know-how (illiterate, digitally illiterate, or both) to do financial transaction without walking miles to reach bank/ATM. Banks in rural areas use it to reach out to their customers. An account holder has to go to ATM, while micro ATM is often brought to you by a bank representative (also known as Business Correspondent). Equipped with internet connection and fingerprint/iris scanner, it does biometric authentication. All a person needs to have is Aadhar- linked bank account – everyone has it now, even in villages – and s/he can do all transactions they can do in a bank/ATM. From submission of cash to withdrawal, from paying bills to doing recharges, and from e-KYC to updating your Aadhar card; it does it all. Want a few micro ATM for your banking needs? Come to XPay.Life.

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