We help your SHG to scale new heights. We know the issues that you face . After working in close to 15 states, we have created a platform that will address all your needs. Funds are an issues? Banks not finding you credit worthy? is getting raw materials bogging your group down? Dont know how to market your product to a wider audience? These issues are just a few of the issues that we have addressed to help you better. Our solutions include the state of the art Digital e-Carts that will adapt itself to your needs and create a visibility and reach that you need. Our app and PoS solutions will ensure that you start generating revenue, regardless of what type of business you run, from the day 1. Accept payments towards utility bills, recharges and many more and even become an extended arm of the bank, dispensing cash using the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System , promoted by the Govt. of India.

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Don’t Know where to start, we will help you. Talk to our expert and get all the information that you need. We are here to help even before you begin an SHG!


Navigate through the maze of compliances. We help you create a docket of documentation that will make you compliant with the latest rules and regulations as dictated by the govt and its bodies.


From Stocks management to inventory, from sales and receipts to taxation, we have solutions to let you know what your business is upto, on your fingertips. A neat dashboard for you to show your bankers, we have you covered.

Financial & Digital Literacy Programs

We also help you manage your finances through camps and working sessions to help you understand how your money is being managed. If you need any education, our literacy camps will help you get all the info.

Partnership matchmaking

Worried about your suppliers? What about your vendors? Logistics partner issues? We have you covered. We will help you identify and matchmake you with the right team always.


Once you decide to begin, we will help you create your identity! From a central repository of your credentials to your own website, logo etc. We make you look like a professional!


How will you reach your customers? Local marketing, PR, online digital marketing and many more secret sauces. Our dedicated experts will take care of you to promote your brand.

Local to Global

Want to expand your reach, we can take you global. Creating an online shop with a connected payment gateway to partnering with popular ecommerce platforms like amazon and ONDC, we will be there for you.

Credit Worthiness

The final leg! With all your transactions digitsed for the regulatory authorities, your SHG will now get better access to funds. Creating a ‘CIBIL’ like engine for the SHG and creating a new standard for you!

Training and Development

We don’t stop with just making you live, we give you a calendar that would give you an edge. From selling, manufacturing sessions, etc. from experts, we will make this worth your while.

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Unified dashboard to manage all your business banking needs. Access multiple bank accounts, check balances, make transfers, accept online payments, and more.

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Banking automation that streamlines your business process. Make bulk payouts, refund customers, and verify accounts in a flash using tailor-made APIs.

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